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Learn more about VPPPA Region IX Mentoring Program

The award-winning VPPPA Mentoring Program is a formal process to assist companies/facilities interested in the VPP or improving their safety and health management systems. The program matches interested sites in Region IX with current VPP Star sites to help them achieve VPP recognition. Region IX VPPPA utilizes our regional network to establish a mentoring relationship. Depending on a site's preferences and needs, state coordinators consider similar experiences, industries, geographic location and union representation when choosing identifying mentors.

Once a match has been made, the sites form a unique relationship based on the needs of the mentored site and the time and resources available to the mentor.

The VPPPA Mentoring Program is a free resource provided by the association to sites regardless of membership status.

To request a mentor or offer yourself or your site to serve as a mentor, please contact your state mentor coordinator:

No Cal Email: Terry Schulte
So Cal Email: Gilbert Aceves
Arizona Email: Jennifer Sanchez
Nevada Email: Carlos Cardoso

National VPPPA Mentorship Program

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